Family is very important to us. We work with families to maximize every student-athlete’s success at home, community, school, and athletic arena.



Our College and University Network is unparalleled. We have access to over 60 Colleges and Universities. All athletes won’t get a full athletic scholarship but we provide an opened door to that possibility.

Our Network


Performance depends on your family’s dedication. We provide the tools to become successful, whether it be in track and field or your respective sport you’re training for.

Live Performances


Practice and workout routines play a small role in success in athletics. Nutrition, Sleep, and Work Ethic is a MAJOR factor in getting the most out of your body!

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See the latest posts from our blog. We are always posting great tips so that you move forward and progress in their sports, practice, home, community, and health. Our authors are professionals that study and always looking to publish great tips for you, hope you participate, comment and feel free to read our blog. Anything we can do to better serve you, train you better, and/or create a better community is our main focus. Your development is our purpose.




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Complete speed training with absolutely everything an athlete needs to increase speed, acceleration, and power.


We require, stress, and emphasize making the “Grade”. We have one of the highest or if not the highest GPA of any youth organizations in the area.


Long Distance workouts to enhance endurance capacities, mental toughness, and race strategies.


Our Staff, Parents, and Student-athletes are one big family! We are no where near a perfect organization but the love is genuine and statistics show our Success…


We teach and train every jumping event of athletics except Pole Vault. Leading national stats in long jump, triple jump, and high jump.


We are a growing organization. Not just in numbers but our programs that we offer to our Membership and Community. Become part of the Progressive attempt to help our youth succeed.


We offer one the best throwing programs in the country. Teaching shot, disc, hammer, javelin, and weight.


Our statistics speak for themselves. Student-athletes that complete our program typically have many successes in the next levels of their careers. Our program teaches on the “Next Level” to help the difficult transitions of Colleges and Universities.


Our pride is our team


We have great professionals in our team who are highly trainer to help you conquer all your goals in an easy fast and fun because we always want the best for our students and we are prepared to evolve with you this is Sport


Meet Them


  • You guys really helped my family tremendously! My son went from not making the track team his 8th grade year to being one of the top sprinters in Illinois and Missouri.

  • My son was headed to a path of drugs, gangs, and ultimately, jail or death! Y’all mentored him, stayed on him, and walked with him through his transition. I watched him become a man in this program.

  • The workouts were hard and at first, I wanted to quit but you encouraged me to stick it out. I was so prepared for college track by running with the Dashers!

  • My daughter never was the fastest amongst her peers but after joining the Dashers, there’s no comparison.