Here are a few frequently asked questions that are most inquired and/or asked over the years. We want to make sure that your Dashers Track and Sports experience is equaled to our reputation for Excellence!!!

  1. When does the Dashers Track season start?
    • We have four seasons available
      Off-Season (Strength & Conditioning) Third week of September
      Indoor (Select) The week following Thanksgiving
      Developmental (Spring) Second week of March
      Competition (Summer) First week of June
  2. What age do we start accepting membership?
    • We start accepting applications as early as 6 years of age
  3. How old can your child be in order to participate actively with Dashers Track and Sports Organization?
    • Your child can be age 5 turning 6 years old and can compete until the age of 18 as long as they won’t turn 19 prior to the start of the first day of competition in the USATF Junior Olympics. By the 20th of July. *
  4. What are the age groups in Competition?
    • Meets Governed by USATF:
      • Pee-Wee (6 Years Old and Younger)
      • 7-8 Years Old
      • 9-10 Years Old
      • 11-12 Years Old
      • 13-14 Years Old
      • 15-16 Years Old
      • 17-18* Years Old
    • Meets Governed by AAU Athletics
      • Primary (8 Years Old and Younger)
      • Sub-Bantam (9 Years Old)
      • Bantam (10 Years Old)
      • Sub-Midget (11 Years Old)
      • Midget (12 Years Old)
      • Sub-Youth (13 Years Old)
      • Youth (14 Years Old)
      • Intermediate (15-16 Years Old)
      • Young (17-18 Years Old)
  5. Are Track Meet Entry Fees Refundable?
    • Unfortunately, paid entry fees aren’t refundable.
  6. Can my child run up in Age Group because he/she doesn’t have any competition?
    • No, running up in Age Group isn’t allowed by any Governing Body, whether it be USATF or AAU Athletics.
  7. Can anyone participate in the Off-Season and Indoor Program?
    • There are a few criteria to be considered or eligible for the Off-Season and/or Indoor:
      • He/She must participate in the previous Outdoor Season or been a member of Dashers Track and Sports Organization in the past seasons.
      • He/She must have current YMCA of Southern Illinois membership
      • He/She will have to have a recommendation from member or members of the Coaching Staff at the End of Season Meeting
    • Once the athlete meet all of the above criteria, He/She will be placed on a list of possible candidates.
    • The Coaching Staff will then vote on the Order of Participants. The Order of Participants will be determined by:
      • Maintenance of Level of Performance
      • Development of Athlete at the End of the Summer Season
      • Needs of the Athlete
      • Changing of Events for that particular Athlete
      • Availability of the Athlete
    • Athletes MUST maintain a 2.5 Grade Point Average
    • Regular Attendance to training MUST be maintained or Athlete WILL lose their spot on the list
    • The First 20 Athletes will be able to participate
    • Below are EXCEPTION(S) to the Criteria mentioned:
      • A New athlete can participate in the Off-Season and Indoor Seasons if and ONLY if:
        1. There is Space Available
        2. Recommendation by Coaching Staff
    • Current Members of the Dashers Track and Sports Organization training fees are WAIVED
  8. Are there any tryouts to become a Member?
    • The only tryouts that we have are for the Athletes that are interested in or vying for a Relay Team
    • Other than the Relays, everyone get a chance to run at every meet unless the meet has Qualifying Restrictions
    • Those Qualifying Restrictions could be one of these or all of the listed below:
      • Meet Dashers Track and Sports Standard Performance mark
      • Meet the required Performance mark designated by USATF or AAU Athletics
      • Meet the required Performance place set forth by USATF or AAU Athletics
  9. Do I have to be present for my child(ren) to be able to participate at the track meets
    • No, you don’t have to be present for your child to be able to run, jump, or throw at the track meets but you MUST provide transportation arrangements for your child(ren) to and from the event. Besides, your child(ren) are looking to make you proud so why not plan to attend!
  10. What if I can’t make it to the meets that are Out-of-Town?
    • We provide accommodations (Hotel and Transportation) for the Athletes that are traveling with the Team only
    • You can rest assure that your child’s care will be held at the Highest Standard of Childcare
    • Your child won’t be “babied” because part of our Mission is to “Build Strong Communities through Developing Our Youth”
    • If that’s what your child requires, then by all means, plan to attend
  11. Are the Hotel rooms Chaperoned?
    • ALL rooms and events are Highly Supervised by either a Coach, Administrator, or Room Parent
      • One of the Requirements of either of the three is a THOROUGH Background Check every year
    • There are NO Co-Ed rooms!!!
    • Each room is usually made up of athletes of the same Age Group with an Adult of the same sex
  12. How do the Dashers Track and Sports Organization travel?
    • To all of the local meets, we will arrive at the event at an appointed time
    • Meets that are outside our local area, we will either take passenger vans, charter bus, or airplane
  13. My child(ren) has never participated in track and field or any other sport, can he and/or she participate in any of the Dashers Track and Sports Organization’s Programs?
    • Anyone can join any of our Programs with the exception of Indoor and Off-Season Program. Those Programs are the only Programs with certain prerequisites that are mentioned above in Question #7.
    • We welcome all that come with a Positive Attitude, Wining Character, and Trainable Abilities!
    • Although we welcome the “Good” into our Programs, we can’t and will not turn our back on those that need structure and guidance.